Pneumatic Cannon
Although I normally run it at 600 psi on C02, this 1” bored pneumatic cannon was designed to run at 3000 psi on nitrogen.
C02 Powered Sledge Hammer
A prototype of a weapon system for a BattleBot, this device uses a 1” piloted diaphram value to vent CO2 to an 8” cylinder that drives a hammer. Later converted to a cannon, it can drive a 1” diameter chisel through 1/2” of mild steel.
CD Robot, Version 1
This project to put all of my music online involves a CD ripping robot, a heavily hacked internet appliance, and a lot of hardrives.
CD Robot, Version 2
Dissatisfied with the disjointed cretin I created to rip CDs for the Digital Music Server, I tried to create a more professional robot.